What is a PPR request and why do airfields need them?

A common requirement at most airfields in the United Kingdom is the PPR request, for anyone new to the aviation acronym PPR stands for “prior permission required” and gives an airfield notice and information that you intend to arrive and land on a specific day and time, your aircraft type and details, your pilot and passenger details and sometimes the length of stay.

We have found various methods of requesting PPR can be found; some airfields request PPR by phone – with the phone number no longer working or not answering, by completing and emailing a Word document, which is difficult on a mobile device, by an online form on the airfield website where once submitted you don’t hear anymore, or sometimes over the radio frequency.

PPR requests can be made easy with Smart PPR, using a standardised format airfields and pilots can quickly submit and access information without the need for phone calls, emails or other methods, these can be managed online 24/7/365 and streamline as well as speed up visits to airfields.

For the pilot, and many older school pilots hate the concept of PPR, it is an easy process designed to make life easier for everyone involved, that’s where Smart PPR aims to standardise and simplify PPR.

To find out more about how Smart PPR can work for you as an airfield, or a pilot get in touch with us today, we would love to hear from you.

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