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The Smart PPR project was conceived in 2021 by a group of pilots and web developers in the UK who have a wealth of knowledge in the aviation and web industry.

Our aim is to provide an industry standard PPR request system that can be used at any airfield or airport in the UK and Ireland, many current airfields use various methods of obtaining PPR, some complex and some easy, we want to make requesting PPR simpler, quicker and easier.

Smart PPR allows airfields to improve and standardise their PPR requests, manage PPR requests, monitor airfield activity and how busy an airfield will be with incoming aircraft, view historical data and giving pilots the option of requesting PPR in good time, anywhere and at any time. Landing fees can be paid online at the time of booking and automated customisable emails can inform pilots of important information when joining and landing. All these features free up ATC or airfield staff and use secure, cloud technology to digitise the airfield and improve communications.

The project will continue to evolve from our first version and we are looking for as many airfields to get onboard with our system and see its worth and the benefits it can bring. If you have any questions or comments please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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