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The Smart PPR project was conceived in 2021 by a group of pilots and web developers in the UK who have a wealth of knowledge in the aviation and web industry.

Our aim is to provide an industry standard PPR request system that can be used at any airfield or airport in the UK and Ireland, many current airfields use various methods of obtaining PPR, some complex and some easy, we want to make requesting PPR simpler, quicker and easier.

Smart PPR allows airfields to improve and standardise their PPR requests, manage PPR requests, monitor airfield activity and how busy an airfield will be with incoming aircraft, view historical data and giving pilots the option of requesting PPR in good time, anywhere and at any time. Landing fees can be paid online at the time of booking and automated customisable emails can inform pilots of important information when joining and landing. All these features free up ATC or airfield staff and use secure, cloud technology to digitise the airfield and improve communications.

The project will continue to evolve from our first version and we are looking for as many airfields to get onboard with our system and see its worth and the benefits it can bring. If you have any questions or comments please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Meet The Team

Simon Fewkes-Ahearne
Founder, Developer & Commercial Pilot

The idea for Smart PPR was born while Simon was hour building for his commercial pilots licence, airfields across the country had varying ways of requesting PPR from basic to overly complex. The desire to streamline and standardise these were born. Simon developed the entire backend for Smart PPR and its integrations over a period of time and continues to tweak and refine the platform to further improve its functionality. A fully qualified commercial pilot, Simon has years of experience in aviation, flying and web development.

Rick Lord
Developer & Marketing

Rick has been working within the web industry for over 20 years so it's safe to say he knows his craft. Using his skills he looks after our customer facing website and the front end look and feel to our web based application, ensuring it functions well on any device and working with our consultants on any tweaks and amendments. Rick also works on our marketing efforts to onboard as many airfields to our platform as possible. Outside of work, Rick likes to spend time with his family and is a big fan of Formula 1.

Gareth Hardy
Graphic Designer & Consultant

Our user interface and user experience design is in safe and knowledgable hands, Gareth has decades of experience of designing websites and web based applications, he has designed memorable design solutions for clients all over the world and loves to push design boundaries within the creative process. Gareth has designed our branding, corporate identity, design for print and UI and UX design on both our website and our web based platform.

Duncan Clarkson
Pilot & Consultant

Equally at home in the skies and the digital world, Duncan has skillfully charted his course through both domains. Having learned to fly amidst the picturesque valleys of Chile, he has thrived as a private pilot. With a rich 20-year career in the software industry, he has transitioned between roles as a developer, architect, and consultant across businesses of all sizes. His journey reflects a blend of his passion for flight and his mastery of technology, defining him as a significant figure in both IT consultancy and software engineering circles.

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