We have put together a set of frequently asked questions designed to answer some of the common queries we get asked, if your query is not answered here please get in contact with us.

There are many reasons, one of them is efficiency; by using a web based service to manage your PPR requests the data is centralised, can be accessed 24/7/365 and requests can be taken from visiting pilots quicker and easier, no more pieces of paper, phone calls, emails or random forms coming at you from all directions. Airfield staff, ATC or FISO staff can get on with their jobs whilst Smart PPR takes care of PPR requests quickly, efficiently and easily.

If you are signed up to Smart PPR a visiting pilot will visit your airfield profile on our system, there they will complete a short but detailed form giving information on the pilots details, aircraft details and departure information. If required the landing fee can also be made during the PPR request. After this has been captured and saved the pilot will be sent a confirmation email and the data can be viewed within the airfield account on Simple PPR. The system negates the requirement for pilots to telephone, read out information over the phone and attempt to pay, or email a document form in with bits of information missed out. Everything is in one place and can be easily managed by both the pilot and airfield.

Once signed up and registered, and your account has been populated with airfield information, you will be able to login to the Smart PPR application through any web browser. From the dashboard you will see the arriving aircraft that day, financials, reports, pilot information and settings.

No, we only charge a monthly fee for using our web based service, all PPR fees go direct to the airfield minus any fees taken by payment provider PayPal.

Once you have placed your unique link on your website, a visiting pilot will click that and be taken to the Smart PPR system for your airfield, they will complete their details and if configured make payment for the landing fee. This will then be logged within your account as well as sending a confirmation email to the visiting pilot and the airfield.

Yes, you can currently view historic data of arriving aircraft and arriving pilots along with any financial data from the previous days, months or years depending on how long you have been registered.

Yes it does, you can view which aircraft are arriving today, tomorrow, yesterday or any date from the calendar. All data is stored and can be quickly and easily retrieved when required. Each day you can login to Smart PPR and see a list of aircraft arriving that have requested PPR through the Smart PPR system.

At the moment when a visiting pilot requests PPR they get the option of joining your Mailchimp mailing list if you have this setup within your account settings, the Smart PPR project is evolving and in the future it will be connected to various other third party integrations.

You can download your data to a CSV file for offline backup purposes or manipulation in Excel or similar. We don’t encourage this as the data is best viewed within the Smart PPR application.

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