Smart PPR is launching soon

We are extremely proud, and relieved (!) to announce that after a long period of development and testing the Smart PPR service is launching soon, we will initially be launching to 6 airfields in the United Kingdom and plan to roll out to further airfields as we ramp up our marketing efforts.

We often get asked, why do we need Smart PPR? Quite often airfields and airports have a website, that’s great, but each website has a different method of requesting PPR, some airfields do not require PPR, some do, some are mandatory, some are online forms, some are Word documents, some you need to ring and no one answers – see our issue?

At Smart PPR we want to streamline and revolutionise PPR requesting for pilots and airfields/airport management, this we feel is possible through a web based system that will over time grow into the leading system for PPR management.

Our software is unique, and we feel very strongly about its use and adoption and hope that many airfields realise the potential it brings, if you want to see a demo just let us know and we will be only to pleased to provide a free demo.

What if the form does not fit your needs? We are happy to work with airfield owners to ensure a one size really does fit all.

The future is looking really positive and bright for PPR management, give us a try by requesting a demo, or contact us to find out more.

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